Every attempt is different. Exposure is the best proof point. Scaling should be intentional. Know what dimension is being addressed. Have mindful governance. Avoid overselling or underbuying. Facts tell, stories sell. Understand how to change. Master personal finances. Manage performance rangesAlign purpose, method, end state. Recognize time dynamics. Control the environment. Don’t confuse activity with progress. Choose what to ignore. Be cautious with quantification. Anything can be explained in hindsight. Look at components. Work follows ideas. Brand management is a balance. On exclusionary marketing. Technology is only an enabler. Performance is complicated. Be a good middleman (or woman). Have measured responses. Processes are different than outcomes. Some reality is subjective. Find a natural cycleCollect, edit, showcase.


Nassim Taleb avoids doing anything by default. Jessica Banks doesn’t rush nature. Kobe Bryant understands trade-offs. Don Judd and Rick Rubin on comparisons. Michael Kenneth Williams understands personal historiesCreativity at Ralph Lauren. Sean Fennessey calls an end. Demographics at Netflix. Nick Hornby likes the nitty-gritty. Marc Cuban on change management. Few people really know what they’re doing, according to John Cleese. Edna Woolman Chase reminds us to be fit for purpose. Albert Camut clarifies work.


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