In 2008, Brad and I were in Bogata, Colombia for meetings with a Central America region leadership team. We presented in a sort of villa above the city, addressed¬†a few questions, and sat down not fully knowing how well our material was received. The next presenter was an internal technology representative and two minutes into his session, a verbal melee ensues – that’s bullsh*t!, it’s not my job, it is your f*cking job, we have motherf*cking this or that person, etc.

Brad and I glanced at each other across the room. No one cursed at us…I guess we did ok.

After the session, one of the local client representatives who worked with us on the project slid next to me at the bar. “You couldn’t have a meeting like this in the States could you?” he asked. No probably not. “Yeah,” he continued, “too many lawsuits.”

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