If very little is original in substance, we are left to explore originality in the use of our resources. We can integrate existing materials in a new way, reprioritize common ideas and resequence recurring activities. We can craft individual facts into coherent messages and align our teams accordingly. We can help bring people together or match people with products.  We can look at productivity through the lens of innovation rather than the lens of cost.  Sometimes bringing it together is more important than creating new pieces to move around.

“Like most people I’m influenced by what’s around and available to me. Which in the end is really just a way of translating all the ideas you have into a different material, or taking these different things and finding a way for them to all work together…There are multitudes of ways to reproduce something, and that’s really what it comes down to: figuring out the best way to translate something into the most appropriate physical form.” –Nicholas Gottlund