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Compensation Required

Posted on April 21, 2017


I found myself in a moment of reflection relating to the dichotomy in the quote below. I get paid to do paperwork, I’d help clients for free. The administrative activities are the grind, the distraction, and the de-motivator. Solving an interesting problem, satisfying an intellectual curiosity, crafting a clear message, learning and teaching useful things…those are fun. Throw in a good team dinner, and some days I would do it for free. Don’t tell my boss. “They pay me to practice. Sundays I play for free.” –Greg Buttle *

Future You

Posted on January 8, 2017


My best personal planning occurs when I consider the context of my situation – past, present, future – and act in the best interest of my future self. In its simplest form it’s asking, will I tomorrow be pleased with the decisions I make today? Especially as New Year’s resolutions start to fade into post-holiday realities, I encourage you to plan – and progress – the optimal future you. The Past Recognize the connection of past decisions to present situations. Personal histories in health, in education, in career, in relationships, etc. are too frequently rationalized in hindsight, rather than fully related to the present. In financial hardships, for example, the real villain is often the victim’s past self. The point is not to beat yourself up…


Posted on September 4, 2016


“The more ritualistic your business life is, the more likely you are to go out of business…the more ritualistic your function, the more probable is your eventual redundancy…The best thing is to not have to do anything as a default.” –Nassim Nicholas Taleb *

Facts Tell, Stories Sell

Posted on July 10, 2016


In the documentary KidPoker, Daniel Negreanu describes an emotional intelligence exercise in which he tells the same story two different ways. The first storytelling describes events as if they occurred completely outside of his control. I was a victim. It all just happened to me. The second storytelling describes the same events through the lens of personal choice. Everything was a result of my decisions. I was 100% responsible. What a powerful way to better perceive your circle of control. A narrative starts with what you sell yourself….facts tell, stories sell! *

Intentional Discomfort

Posted on June 10, 2016


A newly-promoted executive once told me about reviewing employee satisfaction reports with his leadership team. He was surprised that one organizational level possessed dramatically lower scores than others, and historical trends showed consistently low results. What are we doing about this, he asked a seasoned executive. Nothing, was the reply, they’ll either work hard to get promoted or leave. There are certain situations designed to filter. Some test physical skill and mental fortitude – like NFL training camp, Navy Seal Hell Week, or that early morning fitness class. Others test conformity – do you fit in, will you adapt, can you be influenced. Recognize that pain may be completely logical, frustration may be a byproduct, and you can choose whether to play the game. *