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Buzzword Rationale (Connect the Dots)

Posted on September 29, 2017


At the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, there is a display related to Project Kansas, the ill-fated 1985 New Coke initiative.  If you look closely in the display case, you see project documentation rife with military references: Project Kansas is a bold-stroke attempt for total victory. It is a sweeping effort to redefine the selling proposition, not just for sugar colas, but for all soft drinks. In its size, scope and boldness, it is not unlike the Allied invasion of Europe in 1944… And so it goes for buzzword rationale. Apply military jargon to inspire victory, discipline and coordination. Mention dot-com and Y2K in the late 1990s to trigger technology spending. Later, connect risk management initiatives to the Enron scandal, local economic disruption to Walmart,…

It’s Competitive

Posted on April 28, 2017


Everything is competitive. Not in the sports sense with winners, losers and a score. Competitive in the sense of alternatives. When a team tells me their deal is sole-sourced, there is no competition for their client, or this is the only option, I’m very skeptical. Do nothing is an alternative. Tomorrow is an alternative. Doing it alone is an alternative. There’s a varied sequence to 1) yes, I need something, 2) yes, I need it now, 3) yes, I will pay for it, 4) yes, I’ll buy it from you. *

Glass Walls (or None)

Posted on August 27, 2016


Walking through an airport parking facility this week, I passed a large glass wall facing the processing area for returned rental cars. Concrete islands of vacuum equipment, trash cans and cleaning supplies stood a few inches above wet pavement and years of scuffing. Tossed to the side of one car I noticed a child’s car seat – the type rented out – face down in the muck of course. Because who would ever see it? Later in the week, I walked a stairwell in a luxury hotel – passing discarded cigarettes, food wrappers, and harsh lighting – on my way to the fitness center. It was a stark contrast to the meticulously planned and conditioned lobby infused with trendy music and that customized fragrance. Because everyone takes the…


Posted on April 23, 2016


Of what are you convincing me? It is faster/cheaper/better Others have it It suits me This is how to get it I need help You’ve done this before You can help me Now is a good time Before the path, the help or the customization, you must move me beyond the do nothing option. No pain, no change. *

agnès b. on advertising

Posted on January 8, 2016


“We never advertised, and still don’t, which was part of my philosophy from the very beginning. I was on the streets of Paris in 1968 during the student protests, when they were saying advertising was like manipulation of the people, and statements like that have marked me forever. Luckily, we never needed to place adverts in magazines, because straight away, the media found something new in my work. We were supported by the press naturally and clearly – without ever having to pay for it.” –agnès b. as quoted in Inventory *