Riding to the airport before dawn last week, my friend and I were discussing time zones and the varying daylight hours in different cities. He related that his sister back in Nigeria could not believe the early sunsets during winter, and she wondered how the shifting daylight was possible. His simple response: therefore, come and see. Come and see for yourself. I won’t give you a scientific explanation. I won’t repeat it over and over. I won’t try to convince you at all. Just look at the sky and watch it darken.

I can tell a client over and over what will go wrong, and they really don’t get it until it does.

We often spend so much time and effort explaining to develop an understanding. We slowly build up knowledge through repetitive lecture. We expect development to come through a series of incremental steps and experience to culminate in performance. It’s not (and shouldn’t be) that linear. We could start with exposure and build back to explanations. No more talk about the sport…grab a ball. Here’s what it feels like. No need for a presentation about quality…we’re going to the factory. Here’s what good looks like. No need for more philosphizing right now…let’s field test the model. Here’s what’s happening. Come and see.