Approaching the Labor Day holiday in the U.S., it’s a good time to consider work cycles. Upon closer inspection, most work routines appear more arbitrary than natural. Wall Street obsesses over quarterly earnings. Workers clock their eight hours (or more).  Auto makers release new models every year…often as early as July of the prior calendar year. Work structures frequently constrain more than they enable.


“At some point in time the cycle takes over, and even though you’re not really ready to make the record during that window, it’s the only window you have, so you put it out. Cracks in the foundation start. And slowly, over time, the creative process gets eroded, and it becomes something that’s just a window in the schedule instead of the most important thing that drives the whole train.” –Rick Rubin


So consider restructuring your work routines. Imagine what you could do if you built a wardrobe over five to seven years rather than a weekend. Or built a cathedral over a century. Or did away with random deadlines.

Perhaps be lazy. Focus on your key value drivers. Meet the targets that matter. Find a natural cycle that works best for you. And for goodness sake, have another glass of wine.