Walking through an airport parking facility this week, I passed a large glass wall facing the processing area for returned rental cars. Concrete islands of vacuum equipment, trash cans and cleaning supplies stood a few inches above wet pavement and years of scuffing. Tossed to the side of one car I noticed a child’s car seat – the type rented out – face down in the muck of course. Because who would ever see it?

Later in the week, I walked a stairwell in a luxury hotel – passing discarded cigarettes, food wrappers, and harsh lighting – on my way to the fitness center. It was a stark contrast to the meticulously planned and conditioned lobby infused with trendy music and that customized fragrance. Because everyone takes the elevator, right?

I arrived for a client working session with customized information from everyone in the room – because a colleague meticulously followed up with each participant to ensure we were ready, and they knew what to expect. Isn’t how we work with you now a sample of what’s to come?

These things aren’t just seen, they’re felt. And it’s so easy to see behind the facade. We can tell if the process is broken, communication is bad, the project is not coordinated, or the sales pitch was inauthentic. How we get there can be as important as the destination itself. Be mindful of the process and experience along the way.