Having vanquished the French Quarter in prior trips to New Orleans, a long sunny weekend in November provided the perfect opportunity to explore additional neighborhoods in the city.

Magazine and Arts

Magazine Street angles southwest of the Quarter, beyond the museums and galleries of the Arts District. The commercial center of the Garden District, Magazine is easily walkable from the 2000 block (closer to the Quarter) to the 4000 block (further from the Quarter) with many shops and stops along the way. Consider breakfast at Surrey’s and an afternoon beer at the Bulldog patio. Passing back through the Arts District in the evening provides an excellent environment to taste wine (at w.i.n.o. naturally) and savor Cajun flavors at Cochon.

Bywater and The End of the World

Walking east of the Quarter through the Marigny and Bywater neighborhoods offers varied views of restored venues and waterfronts. A stop in the friendly Bacchanal Wine backyard is a jazz-heavy respite from the sidewalks. And I absolutely love the (accurate) descriptions of The End of the World as a “makeshift park” behind the abandoned F. Edward Hebert Defense Complex. It’s worth the secluded walk for the more adventurous. If a hearty meal is in order, go for Pizza Delicious or the adjacent German beer garden on Piety street. But you absolutely cannot beat an evening meal/sauna/pool combination at The Country Club, which does sell swim gear by the way.

The Chateaubriand was excellent…do you sell swim trunks?

The Quarter

And of course the French Quarter got me again after all. From oysters to architecture to random jazz bands to a Legs and Eggs brunch, and Brennan’s in there somewhere, it’s easy to find a new appreciation for the Vieux Carré, especially after visiting its surroundings.

“There are only three great cities in the United States: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.” –Tennessee Williams (and others)