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Watermelon Day

Posted on August 3, 2017


In basic red-yellow-green project status reporting, a watermelon is a project that is reporting its status as green when it is actually red at its core. Green on the outside, red in the middle. It is superficially showing on track when it’s really at risk. What is seen on the outside doesn’t match the reality of the content. On National Watermelon Day, resolve to go below the surface, have substantive conversations, and solve real issues. Let’s go cut into some watermelons. *

Glass Walls (or None)

Posted on August 27, 2016


Walking through an airport parking facility this week, I passed a large glass wall facing the processing area for returned rental cars. Concrete islands of vacuum equipment, trash cans and cleaning supplies stood a few inches above wet pavement and years of scuffing. Tossed to the side of one car I noticed a child’s car seat – the type rented out – face down in the muck of course. Because who would ever see it? Later in the week, I walked a stairwell in a luxury hotel – passing discarded cigarettes, food wrappers, and harsh lighting – on my way to the fitness center. It was a stark contrast to the meticulously planned and conditioned lobby infused with trendy music and that customized fragrance. Because everyone takes the…

Data Endorsement

Posted on November 13, 2015


A few thoughts triggered by Amazon’s fight against fake reviews: There is an increasing tendency to quantify and apply big data concepts to measurement as access to data expands and comfort with data use increases…the big data hammers around you will look for nails. The more underlying drivers to a single measurement, the greater the subjectivity and confusion that will result…if you want actionable information, you can do better than star ratings. The more value derived from a measurement, the greater the inherent risk of manipulation…one extra star on a restaurant’s Yelp rating boosts revenue by 5-9%. Without diligence and reinforcement, the perception of trustworthiness with online reviews will fall over time…of course the Amazon lawsuit is peppered with words of trust: authentic, honest, unbiased, credibility, integrity, etc. The dynamics across social media, celebrity, critics and other gatekeepers…

Discerning Restraint

Posted on June 14, 2014


“The effect the internet has had on design is that of a race to the bottom. An alarming array of cultural goods are now manufactured to suit an equally alarming array of manufactured needs; anything and everything is available to fill our niche desires at a click’s notice. Design ideas rarely seem authentic, opting to pursue novelty in an effort to capture the consumer’s attention.” -Jim Christensen, Inventory Magazine *

The Trend Toward Authenticity

Posted on July 3, 2013


In The Craftsman, Richard Sennett describes “honest” brick used in the eighteenth century as brickwork in which all the bricks laid come from the same kiln, are naturally colored and are exposed on the final building surface. This concept of honesty or authenticity of materials refers to purity of substance, minimal manipulation in production and a sense of naturalness. In our often artificial environment, it is interesting to see a growing trend toward authenticity and its flavors across domains. For automobiles, it may be using natural materials and designs consistent with vehicle heritage. In photography, it may be using analog equipment or avoiding Photoshop in order to produce a more natural or organic look. For restaurants, it may be using fresh, locally-sourced produce, documenting…