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Posted on July 14, 2017


Most organizations have routines, either formal or informal, to introduce changes into the environment. This if often cyclical with some form of stimulus, incubation, and strategic acceptance followed by tactical realization and new (or refined) activities in ongoing operations. Challenges arise when something breaks the continuity of the cycle. A critical leader leaves, the organization is overly insular, strategic decisions aren’t clearly cascaded to execution, incentives aren’t aligned, etc. When (not if) the cycle is interrupted, the key to exceptional performance is how quickly the cycle can pick back up. The longer the cycle stagnates, the more fuel it needs to restart. *

Alignment versus Consensus

Posted on August 5, 2016


There’s a subtle but important difference between consensus and alignment in organizations. Consensus feels safe, but it can take herculean efforts to reach outliers, sway resistors and convince skeptics on the way to agreement. Alignment is more about arrangement and positioning. Sometimes you don’t need people to agree, you need them to align…just enough to move forward. *


Posted on April 23, 2016


Of what are you convincing me? It is faster/cheaper/better Others have it It suits me This is how to get it I need help You’ve done this before You can help me Now is a good time Before the path, the help or the customization, you must move me beyond the do nothing option. No pain, no change. *

That One Time

Posted on January 29, 2016


Remember the project that failed, the proposal that fell flat or the experience that didn’t quite live up to expectations? There are always a few people that latch onto that one time it didn’t go so well. It can become Exhibits A, B and C of failure and an excuse to never do anything remotely similar again. Invariably it happens when I review a portfolio of potential initiatives with a client. Oh, we tried that one once…it didn’t work. Only once!? The good news is circumstances are different now…we’re older, wiser perhaps…if nothing else, you can learn from the failure. Fight the overreaction to disaster. Find the variables you can control. Go get wins – however small they are at first – to gradually replace the one time…

Rethinking Trajectory

Posted on October 23, 2015


An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion…unless acted upon. Do you need a trigger to rethink your motion or the trajectory of your ecosystem? Some took a tragedy like Hurricane Katrina to better their lives by either rebuilding or moving to a new location, reemphasizing that adaptation is influenced by changes in the periphery and spontaneous activity as well as personal preferences. There are triggers every day. Question is, are you built for change? “Does anything ever change in this racket…of course it changes. Don’t take it so hard. Some of us die, the rest of us get older, new guys come along, old guys disappear. It changes every day.” –The Friends of Eddie Coyle *

What Business Are You In?

Posted on January 16, 2015


“Today, you are in the business of managing change. More than ever before, your business is driven by constant, relentless change in new products, revisions in services, changes in distribution, new suppliers, increasing competition…Your customers and prospects are changing even faster! Shifting purchasing behavior, major lifestyle adjustments, changes in product preferences, new perceptions of value…” –Marc Cuban (in 1995) *