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Posted on September 11, 2015


“Everyone’s instinct was, ‘Yeah, if you find out their age and gender data, that’s fantastic’. But what we learned is: it’s almost useless…it’s not who they are in a superficial sense – like gender, age, even geography. It’s not even what they tell you. It’s what they do.” –Todd Yellin, VP of Product Innovation, Netflix *

Demographics Awry

Posted on December 24, 2014


I received a lovely purse in a shipment from Neiman Marcus this month. Apparently, by ordering enough men’s grooming items (excuse: restocking two homes and a travel kit!) a promotional giveaway – including purse and women’s fragrance samples – was triggered. A few weeks prior, I received a complimentary tie from a menswear boutique of a color and pattern that I would neither purchase nor commonly wear. This from a company where I have an extensive order history of conservative wardrobe items. The simple thought doesn’t count with promotions. Orders over $100 get this random thing. Buy two, get a third you don’t need. Here, you can have this close-out item no one wants for free. To have a real impact, you have to think beyond basic…