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Theory of Mind

Posted on February 17, 2017


I once had a client turn down a proposed project manager due to perceptions. The manager had worked with the client previously and had familiarity with the environment – which was a selling point – but his role on previous projects had been more supportive than directive, and the client could not picture him operating in a lead role. To the client, it was as if the person stepping into the project manager role was the exact person that had ended the previous project a few years ago. There was no consideration of the experiences that had transpired in the meantime, the other projects that made the lead more valuable. Or the fact that developments happen outside the realm of our observation. It relates to Theory of Mind,…

A Fractional View

Posted on May 22, 2015


A grand piano sits on the baggage claim level of the Minneapolis airport. I’ve passed it more than 50 times in the past two years while riding the escalator up to departures, and I’ve seen it played three times. Once by a laughing young couple banging out a few chords together. Once by a lady expertly working the keys and pedals into concert music. And once, also beautifully, by a ground crew worker in jumpsuit and kneepads. This is the nature of a fractional view: seeing a group of people perform a specific task in a particular setting over a distinct time period AND recognizing the limits of the observation. Asking who plays the piano is similar to asking who does what in an organization. Your analysis…