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Location, Location, Location

Posted on July 13, 2014


The old ‘location, location, location’ adage applies beyond real estate. NBER released a working paper this month demonstrating a connection between holding distant stockholder meetings (e.g., more than 1,000 miles away from corporate headquarters and/or more than 50 miles away from a major airport) and abnormal stock returns in the subsequent six-month period. We’ve also seen analysis (and further over-analysis in the sports world) regarding aircraft location, up to and including aircraft with blocked registration. Don’t neglect where someone, or something, is at a point in time as useful information. *

A Customer Perspective

Posted on August 2, 2013


Far too many discussions in large organizations occur with no mention of the customer. Many meetings I attend focus on the organization itself, and participants usually look through the lens of their business area (e.g., product line, function, geography, etc.) rather than considering a decision from a customer’s perspective. It seems that as a business grows, the focus becomes more about sustaining – and sometimes improving – the internal infrastructure of the organization. Or in some cases, the focus is pleasing a customer proxy. Customer benefits become only tangentially related to daily activities. A slight exception in my experience occurs when office locations are physically connected to tangible places of business (e.g., production plants, distribution centers, sales locations, etc.). Seeing products moving through a warehouse,…