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Andersonville Etc.

Posted on March 26, 2016


Andersonville, Georgia, is currently home to a National Historic Site and not much else. A city of less than 300 lies eerily desolate in winter – seemingly forgotten – within shouting distance of the Civil War prison ground where more than 10,000 Union prisoners died in captivity. The 45,000 prisoners received at Andersonville Prison were burdens to a war bureaucracy, a far cry from the propaganda mills or covert intel factories that came later. “Different, different, different. Who knows what’s next?” -Jim Stockdale, Andersonville Memorial Day Speech 1994 *


Posted on August 15, 2015


I like to talk about alignment with my clients. Know your objective, method and end-state. Don’t work at cross-purposes. Make aligned choices. Etc. While it’s great that purpose is being discussed more frequently, it’s a constant challenge to limit the drift toward corporate propaganda. What is tactical enough to guide real action AND honest? Save the world? Provide net positive value? Obey the law? Go home happy? More money for everybody, as one of my clients says frequently? Something else? “There’s always a good reason and a real reason.” –James Altucher *