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Field Notes: Sounds Extreme

Posted on December 10, 2017


Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum I frequently recommend the Cooper Hewitt across age groups. In addition to the Designing with Sound exhibit during my October visit, I saw an excellent exhibit on Design in the Digital Age, and an interesting Virtue in Vice exhibit with objects categorized across the seven deadly sins. My previous visit to the Cooper Hewitt led to writing about Pixar. Notes on Max Neuhaus, Times Square Considering the foot traffic through Times Square, this is probably the most visited art installation in America. It just so happens the vast majority of visitors don’t realize they’ve visited. Neuhaus said, “I want at least fifty percent of the people to be able to walk through it without noticing, without hearing it.” By my observation across at least five visits,…

It’s All Interim

Posted on November 12, 2017


I switched jobs this month, and alongside a few gracious comments as I transitioned, I experienced a sort of bewilderment that such a dramatic change could occur. It was almost as if leaving a decent role was unfathomable. The I could never leave mindset dominates. But you will leave as well, either by choice or by circumstance. Eventually for an advancement, through a termination, to a retirement, or on a stretcher, you’ll be out the door, and others, in some way, will pick up what you’ve left behind. We should all be mindful of temporality and inevitability in a role, with what we own, and in life. It’s all interim. “You can die tomorrow…who is going to take care of all this crap!” –Margareta Magnusson *