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Posted on September 23, 2017


There’s usually a gap between expressly permitted and expressly forbidden. And there’s an art to finding an appropriate balance between 1) pushing forward into desired space and 2) overstepping reasonable boundaries. Take a lesson from permission marketing concepts, and perhaps Bait Car: Officer: “Did anybody give you permission to drive or take this car?” Entrapped Criminal: “I gave myself permission.” Officer: “So you gave yourself permission to drive?” [Laughing.] Entrapped Criminal: “Basically” [Smiling.] *


Posted on May 13, 2016


Cosmetics send a message. Appearances matter. Yes, we should focus on substance. And yes, we can intentionally break some rules. No, I won’t mind if there are a few typos in your instant message. But please please please (as I told a team this week), clean your conference room before the meeting…it smells noticeably. “The rules of appropriate dress for time, place and occasion allowed people to get on with their work without distractions…” –Linda Przybyszewski in TIME *