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Grand Strategy

Posted on February 9, 2018


When you hear the term grand strategy relative to a state or government, it usually refers to the overarching strategy that 1) considers the long-term consequences of using all instruments of national power – military, economic, diplomatic, informational, etc. – to advance national interests, and 2) governs all underlying objectives, tactics, and decisions. To be most effective, a state sets policies connected and consistent with its overarching grand strategy and acts accordingly. It’s simple enough in theory. I thought about grand strategy recently while I heard the artist Pitbull (Armando Christian Pérez) mention his annual goals: 2009: freedom. 2010: invasion. 2011: build empire. 2012: grow wealth. 2013: put the puzzle together. 2014: buckle up. 2015: make history. 2016 disruption. 2017: gingerbread man, catch me if you…

How Many Rooms?

Posted on December 26, 2015


I like to use a room analogy when discussing change. It goes a little something like this: Picture yourself walking into an adjoining room that is exactly the same as the one you’re currently in…except for one thing. You get to pick one thing to change. It could be an artifact, a person’s presence, new information, whatever…add, alter or remove. Same thing as you walk into the next room…one more thing. How many rooms would you need to pass through to reach your ideal state? Would you spend more time in some rooms than others? Is there a final room? What can you do now to bypass rooms? It’s a positive (and less morbid) spin on Bill James’ thinking about capacity for action and steering away from situations:…

The Do Nothing Option

Posted on March 9, 2014


The do nothing option is almost always available. One of my former bosses used it in response to dramatic proposals or perceived emergencies. He invariably let a situation evolve awhile before weighing in, and when he did respond his guidance was generally in line with the evolving direction, i.e., which way the wind was beginning to blow. What I originally took as his indecisiveness was in fact an ongoing strategy. Start with doing nothing. Sometimes the emergency would resolve itself, more information would arise through other channels or decisions would become more transparent. In this context, I learned to always present the do nothing option up front. If there were a number of possible options discussed, the first (or last) option considered was doing…

The Appeal of Strategy

Posted on August 24, 2013


As I was finishing graduate school, it was remarkable how many career discussions revolved around potential job titles and how many classmates yearned for a “strategy” role…not necessarily strategic in nature but strategic in title. Business Analyst or Consultant? Not interested. Strategic Business Analyst or Consultant? Now we’re talking. At times, there was more concern with the label of the role than the nature of the role. I had a bit of a flashback this week in an account meeting. On a continuum between commodity supplier and strategic partner, how are you perceived by your buyer? Strategic, definitely strategic. How much of their discretionary spend are you getting? Hmm, maybe 5-10%. Have you done joint planning to lay out their upcoming key initiatives and…