Years ago, my project team attended a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new processing center. The new location was fitted with the latest technology, streamlined workspace decor and a new cadre of workers – all intended to have operations run better, faster and cheaper. Late in the day, a handful of visiting dignitaries held open Q&A with what turned out to be a large, raucous crowd. After a few minor cringe-inducing questions, a worker asked with great seriousness, “There are a lot of handicapped parking spaces in front of the building that are rarely used. Why do we have so many?” Without a pause one of the usually somber executives replied, “You know, this center has some very aggressive performance targets, and if you don’t meet them you’re going to need those handicapped spaces.” A nice reminder that 1) motivation often migrates across aspiration, pride and fear and 2) open Q&A can be fascinating.